About Carmella

Hello everyone, my name is Carmella. I’ve been doing psychic readings for 25 years, with a 98% accuracy in the Kabbalahs spiritual art of mediumship.

My psychic powers emerged when I was nine years old and, although I tried to hide it, the nine holy sprits of the Kaballah grew stronger. By the age of fifteen, I knew this miracle gift from God was my calling and devoted my life to helping people.

Using the Kabbalahs metaphysical Metalogic, I assist you spiritually to find the light with the holy Kabbalah Trinity infinity. This gift from God is not for me, but for those for whom I guide spiritually to the light as I channel the nine Holy Spirits through the windows of your eyes.

What is the knowledge you seek? Is the person you love the right one, or is the work you’re doing your true calling? Let’s walk this journey together to find what lies ahead in life and love for you. Use my powerful spiritual gift for guidance in all things.

All souls have a purpose here on earth, mine is to help you find yours ~ God Bless